teamm8 M8 For January 2016: Featuring Nicholas Galatoulas

It’s the end of January, but it’s still not too late to make some resolutions for positive changes in the upcoming year. To celebrate this regenerative theme, meet teamm8’s M8 January 2016 model: 21-year old Nicholas Galatoulas. With his rugged features, sparkling warm eyes, wavy brown hair, and washboard 6-pack, Nicholas is a welcome addition to any modeling roster.  An Australian native, he takes to the waters beautifully and shows off teamm8’s swimwear in its natural environment. The sandy beach, scorching hot sun, and twinkling water serve as the perfect backdrop as he poses on the sand, climbs over some rocks and takes a look out at the pier. The ocean’s dew drops glisten in the sun with the teamm8’s swimwear taking center stage in his tanned body.

A former athlete that had to hang up his rugby jersey because of a severe knee injury, he is now turning his love for physical sports to exercise science. But Nicholas strives to embody the theme of total body consciousness. It means more to him than to just simply look good, he also cares about feeling good too. He was recently selected to complete a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Wollongong. Nicholas wants to perform at the best of his ability in every aspect of his life, showing that his winning work ethic will have him balancing modeling and academics seamlessly.

Check out Nicholas’ M8 January photo shoot to see him wearing some of teamm8’s sleek and sexy styles. With an impressive resume at such an early stage in his life, Nicholas has a prospective year ahead of him this year. We are looking forward to seeing where he goes next!

What was your favorite teamm8 print that Nicholas wore? Do you have any resolutions you’re excited to work on this year? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: JNDAS / teamm8

Model Credit: Nicholas Galatoulas

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