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Croota started their story in Sydney, Australia in 2006. Fast forward 6 years, and Croota is signing the paperwork to their new warehouse based out of Huntington Beach, California with the sole purpose to increase customer satisfaction and dispatch orders better and faster in the United States. Since the beginning, the brand has made it a point to intertwine bright and bold colors along with fun patterns to showcase the Croota style. This type of innovative thinking continues to this day. Their crowd pleasing styles and fresh designs have proven to be wildly successful as they continue to expand their brand. The Underwear Expert is pleased to follow the Croota movement as they graduate from selling their e-commerce worldwide to selling their items in stores around the world. Instead of ogling over the briefs on the websites, you can now check it out in Hankyu Japan’s Premiere department store in Tokyo along with other soon-to-be-announced stores. Because of their proven track record of success, it’s no surprise that they are planning to target more boutique and specialty stores later this year.

Sang Croota, the brand’s creative design and business director, takes most of his inspiration from pure environments, calling his designs “nature-based art.” He frequently describes his aesthetic preferences as beach scenery with Australian influences. Sang imagined Croota as an alternative to offset the ugly, shapeless underwear men were becoming accustomed to wearing. Now he offers trendy and sartorially-minded solutions for men and women alike. His keen, discerning eye for detail extends towards the fabric as well. Croota has their fabric blended with cotton and elastane or polyurethane to provide comfort and stretch.

Croota provides a wide range of stylish prints and a sexy low-rise cuts in their selection to make a simple, but bold statement. Their underwear and loungewear comes in a variety of different cuts, from boxers, boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps, hipster cuts, loungewear, tank tops, head gear, and swimwear. But never one to play it safe, Croota frequently experiments and releases new designs and styles every 3-4 months. Last year, one of the most popular launches were the Women’s Hipster Boxer Briefs Fall 2015. This year, Croota is coming up with new and exciting men’s hipster styles for launch May 2016.

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