Sheerly You Need Some Cocksox

Some Cocksox

Feeling a little frisky? Are you thinking you need some new underwear to change up your underwear repertoire? Sheerly you need some Cocksox to get the job done and to also impress your partner or next conquest. The Cocksox sheer styles show off just the right amount of what lie beneath the fabric to peak someone’s interest. So show off your package and get yourself some much wanted action in Cocksox!

Cocksox styles are designed to have you looking sexy. Styles are low cut, curve around your muscles for a more flattering view, and also cling to your body to show off your finer assets. Now add some sheer material on top of that and you’ve got yourself looking hot for your significant other! The sheer material allows for watchful observers to see what lies beneath.

The CX68SH Sheer Trunk features sheer material throughout the garment and also features a contoured pouch to support you while you strut your stuff. The leg seams curve around the top of your thighs to show off your manly thigh muscles. The CX76SH Sheer Sports Brief has the same features but it shows off a little more leg. If you’re looking to show off a little more skin get into the CX01SH Sheer Brief. The leg seams curve up high on your hips and curve around your bum for a more flattering view. The CX16SH Sheer Bikini Brief will definitely get your partner’s attention. This sexy garment features the pouch and backside connected only by the waistband allowing you to show off the most skin. Each of these styles is available in blue and black, so try them both out and see which one works best for you!

If you’re feeling very confident and want to show off your beautiful booty, try out the CX14ME Mesh Slingshot. This style features a white or black mesh pouch with a string waistband and a string that sits between your cheeks, leaving your bum exposed in all it’s glory. So slip into one of these styles and get things heating up!

What are some Cocksox styles that you love? Do you usually like to show off your goods in sheer styles or would you rather leave a little up to the imagination? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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