Pose With Great Deals In These Armando Adajar Model Photos

Armando Adajar Model Photos

Did you get your tickets to the gun show? Whether you did or not check out these Armando Adajar model photos of this blonde beauty with beautifully jacked arms! Photographer Armando Adajar shot this model in some of Jor’s best styles featured on Candymanfashion.com. Candymanfashion.com features many different brands of underwear in many different styles and cuts, making it a great place to get a variety of underwear styles and have it delivered to you without having to put in much time or effort!

Armando used the concrete tan background in each photo to keep the model as well as the product as the main focus in each shot. Some of the shots show the model posing with a long board either showing the bottom or the grip tape side(black sandpaper side). This long board is used to create different levels of depth, texture and balance in each photo.

When the model holds it out to his side, he balances out his body. The wood colored bottom of the long board also contrasts with the color of the underwear and pushes more into the foreground. When Armando directed the model to hold it behind his head or back, he creates linear texture and a more layered composition, showing a distinct front, middle and back. The black color of the grip tape draws out the darker colors in each underwear style, making it pop out at the viewer.

Which style from these Armando Adajar Model Photos do you think will look the best on you? Do you like to long board? How often do you shop on Candymanfashion.com? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Jor

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

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