Check Out Ovidio González In BaNG! Beach Gear

We’ve got one of Adrian C. Martin’s latest photoshoots for you, just in time to cure your winter blues. This time around he shoots body builder Ovidio González in BaNG! Beach Gear designs. For those who don’t know, BaNG! is all about the Miami lifestyle. There’s heat, there’s boldness, and there’s not a lot of coverage. Which works out for the best, cause Ovidio’s body is, for lack of a better word, bangin’. Let it be your thinspiration to ditch the holiday weight.

BaNG! Beach Wear comes in four different styles, but Ovidio only wears the most revealing of them – the swim short, the swim brief, and the swim mini-brief. And with the exception of the White Swim Mini-Brief, each pair he models is designed with one of BaNG!’s outlandish and upbeat prints. The prints are probably what BaNG! is best known for. They’re so loud the faint of heart should look elsewhere for their swimwear. And they should probably steer clear of the solid white mini-brief. It’s says just as much, but covers even less.

BaNG! Swim Shorts are cut with a silhouette similar to underwear trunks. They have a modern, square-cut shape that’s the perfect middle ground for showing off without feeling exposed. They come down to about the middle of your thigh – which allows for plenty of mobility in the water.

BaNG! Swim Briefs have a classic swim brief cut. They’re narrow, but not that narrow (that’s what the swim mini-briefs are for). The coverage around the hip is about as wide as the pouch, giving it a sexy, body-wrapped look. And with fun and wacky prints, BaNG! makes the most out of very little material. Everyone notices a guy in swim briefs, and BaNG! swim briefs doubly so.

This brings us to the BaNG! Swim Mini-Briefs. As if swim briefs weren’t mini enough, BaNG! cuts their swim mini-briefs to be even more narrow for one of the skimpiest swim styles for men around. The coverage down front is similar to BaNG!’s classic swim brief. But around the hips, there isn’t much at all. Less to wear, more to look at.

Which style of BaNG! swim gear do you think Ovidio looks best in? Which style do you think you could pull off? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: BaNG!

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model: Ovidio González


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