New Year, New Garçon Model Photos

Garçon Model Photos

What better way to kick off the New Year than with new Garçon Model photos? And what better photographer than Martijn Smouter to capture the new images? Martijn teams up with five different underwear models to bring you the latest and greatest from the Garçon Model Collection. The eclectic group of photographs feature the men in different settings, all shot in wide selection of different Garçon Model underwear.

Each model is as distinct and prominent as the underwear that they’re sporting. The first of the Garçon Model photos is taken outside on a lawn chair with one of the models stretching back casually, as his grey jeans become unbuttoned. The wardrobe malfunction gives us a sexy sneak peak at his Garçon Model COLLINS Trunks. The white and silver waistband contrast his skin perfectly, as he shows off his sculpted torso. Another image features a second model posing in front of natural sunlight in a dimly lit, subdued atmosphere. This model sports a pair of Garçon Model BRICKELL Briefs, which form to his body flawlessly, creating an accentuated fit. Other models are shot in front of unembellished backdrops, drawing more focus to each piece in the collection. Our favorite shot would have to be of the model photographed in black and white. There’s something super sexy and unassuming about an underwear’s waistband slightly protruding from a pair of sweatpants.

Which of the new Garçon Model photos is your favorite? Which pair of undies could you see yourself in for the New Year? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Photographer Martijn Smouter

Sponsored by: Garçon Model


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