Modus Vivendi, Welcome To The Underwear Club

As an underwear brand, Modus Vivendi is a jack of all trades. Each of their collections takes on a different aesthetic. Some collections come out classic and solid. Others come out daring and unconventional, like underwear you’ve never seen before. This makes Modus Vivendi a brand for every man and a must-have for our Underwear of the Month Club.


We chose Modus Vivendi as the newest member of our Underwear Club because of the brand’s versatility and penchant for bold style. The brand takes their underwear in different directions and designs each aesthetic to the fullest.

Sign up for our Underwear of the Month Club, and change your underwear modus.


Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Cory Kuehn

Feature Image: Modus Vivendi

Products Supplied by Modus Vivendi


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