Match Your Mate In Croota

Match Your Mate In Croota

Yo! I see you right there chilling with your bae acting cute together and taking adorable pictures. Step up your cute couple game by matching your mate in Croota styles. Croota has added a women’s line to their current styles which make it that much easier to match your mate! They also feature men’s styles in different colors if you want to match your boyfriend. Check out some of these styles below!

45 Degree: You and your beautiful partner will look so cute in your matching 45 Degree Hipsters. This style is low cut and accentuates your finer assets and is available in two colors, so you can match your man while still having a slightly different style.

Match Your Mate In Croota 1

Foggy Princess HWY: This seamless boxer brief is lightweight, allows for freedom of movement and is available in men’s and women’s styles! If you and your significant other live active lifestyles, this can be your new go-to. Feel more connected to your lady with these matching styles while you get your blood pumping!

Match Your Mate In Croota 2

Traveler: Do you and your boyfriend like lounging around every once in a while, just enjoying each other’s company? Then get yourself and him each a matching pair of Traveler boxers to hang free and relax while cuddling.

Match Your Mate In Croota 3

Mainstream: Buy you and your girlfriend some comfort while matching in an intimate way! The Mainstream men’s and women’s styles are comfortable, move with you and are lightweight, which is perfect for either being active or just relaxing. The seamless design also makes these styles super comfortable which will make cuddling even more fun!!

Match Your Mate In Croota 4

What style would you choose to Match Your Mate In Croota? How else do you stay connected with your significant other? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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