Live The Bluebuck Lifestyle

Bluebuck Lifestyle

Getting out and being one with nature can recharge you and give you some unique perspective. Live the Bluebuck lifestyle and recharge yourself while immersing yourself in the great outdoors.

The Bluebuck man loves outdoor activities that will have him working with his hands and getting dirty. He enjoys solitude so he can gain a new perspective on his life and surroundings. This man travels in his favorite Bluebuck styles throughout the woods, hiking and gazing at the beautiful mountaintops. He wears his Bluebuck briefs when he wants extra support and to have his legs free of fabric. He wears them while he fishes, just in case he wants to jump in and still wants to feel secure.

The Bluebuck man breaks out his Bluebuck trunks when he feels the need to be out on the water. This style still features a supportive pouch like the brief while giving the Bluebuck man a more relaxed feel, something someone who’s about to enjoy some relaxing time in a boat would cherish. When he gets back from his trip on the water, he may decide to relax in his trunks and just take in his surroundings. If he should choose to take a hike, he would slip on his Bluebuck boxers since this style is more relaxed and provides breathability on a nice walk. Bluebuck styles are great for any guy who likes a comfy pair of underwear that also provides some support while he gets in touch with nature. Is that guy you?

Do you live your life like the Bluebuck Lifestyle? What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Bill says:

    It was great to see a “mature” model being used for this promotion. There are a lot of fit and healthy older men out there who are still interested in looking their best in their skivvies! Thanks!

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