Jam Packed Lunch: Lunch Swimwear Photo Shoot

Lunch Swimwear

This latest photo shoot of Lunch Australia by Jeffery Beasley is jam packed with models, swimsuits and striking colors! With so many swimwear styles and different models to look at, this photo shoot most definitely packs a big punch! The models sport all of our favorite Liquid Lunch colors, such as blue with red details, black with white and purple with white – and they each look exceptional in every pair.

In part 1 of this shoot, Beasley captures each model in Lunch Swimwear on both a dark grey background and a clean, white background. Eric, Laurent and Vince each has their own unique look and style, showcasing the versatility in the Liquid Lunch collection. The underwear models all look supremely sexy behind the various backdrops while sporting each of the Lunch Swimwear color options.

The clean background pulls most of the attention to the vivid color schemes found in the Lunch Swimwear collection. The brief style swimsuits add a boyish charm to the masculine models. The enhancing and supportive design accentuates their shapes and highlights their assets perfectly. The pouch conforms to their bodies to add an even more striking and confident look. Whether you have a long hair and tattoos like Vince, or you’re a little more clean cut like Laurent, the Liquid Lunch collection will satisfy your appetite! Stay tuned for part 2 of this shoot, where we take a closer look at Lunch Underwear collections.

Which model is your favorite in this Lunch Swimwear Photo Shoot? Which color option would you pick? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Lunch

Photo Credit: Photographer Jeffery Beasley

Model Credit: Eric, Laurent and Vince

Products supplied by Lunch


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  1. Carl says:

    These look fantastic. I like swimmers to actually get you proudly out front rather than squashed between the legs! Great job!

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