Be An Individual In Baskit Just /b/

Baskit Just /b/

Feeling like yourself and totally at ease in a fresh pair of underwear is an amazing feeling. Get your own little slice of heaven with the Baskit Just /b/ Collection and feel at ease as your own unique self.

The Baskit Just /b/ Collection embodies the idea of just being yourself, no matter how unique or different you are. It’s literally in the name. Subtle in overall design, the Just /b/ styles feel comfy against your body and also make you feel secure which will let you live your life in a confident, unique way. This collection features a brief and a trunk for guys who like to mix things up!

The trunk lands around your upper thigh, leaving your muscular legs on full view for whomever you’re trying to impress. The brief’s leg seams curve around your thighs and bum to highlight your finer assets. Both styles are frame hugging but stretchy enough to move with you throughout your day and feature a contoured pouch that will keep your package feeling secure. Both styles are featured in three color combinations: blue/aqua, red/black and pink/grey. The garments are one solid color with contrasting colored seams and a waistband to add a little style. The contrasting stripes down the leg give the styles a sporty vibe. This collection is perfect for the guy who’s confident in who he is and isn’t afraid to show it. This guy is subtle but still fashion conscious and enjoys feeling secure in his favorite pairs of underwear. Are you that guy?

Are you in love with the Baskit Just /b/ Styles? Which cut do you think will look the best on you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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