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Ergowear is known for creating underwear collections that are all encompassing. Where ever you fall on the boxers or briefs spectrum, Ergowear has got you covered. The latest Max Suave Gold Collection consists of boxer briefs, bikinis and thongs, and each cut is available in either turquoise, red, blue or black. So if you want a more conservative look, or you’re in the mood to feel a little cheeky, the Max Suave Collection has a cut and style for you. Besides color and style options, this collection is full of golden opportunity, and here’s why:

The Ergowear Max Suave Collection features underwear that is made from a super stretch microfiber fabric. This innovative fabric provides a sleek and sexy body-defining fit, while wicking away moisture to keep you dry and cool. The fabric contours around your masculine shapes, accentuating your most important areas. However, the most outstanding feature is the 3-dimensional, nose-shape ergonomic pouch, which is specifically designed to lift your package up and away from your thighs. This provides plenty of room and extra comfort, and also creates a captivating aesthetic.

Another thing that separates this Ergowear Collection from the rest is the super stylish gold waistband. The gold waistband mimics the classic Ergowear look, with a wide band and distinct Ergowear label. The gold color compliments and contrasts each color variation in the collection perfectly, making these undies sleek and fashionable. Don’t miss out on the sophisticated sexiness that the Max Suave Collection delivers.

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Which color variation do you think goes best with gold? Which features in the Ergowear Max Suave Gold Collection stand out to you the most? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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