Fitness Essentials: The Cocksox CSX Collection

Cocksox CSX

Tank tops, running shorts and athletic tights are all great for achieving optimal workout results, but sometimes it’s whats underneath all of that athletic gear that counts the most. One of the most important parts of choosing the right gym ensemble is your choice in underwear. The Cocksox CSX Collection features some of the most detail-orientated and workout-conducive undies we’ve seen. Our favorite picks from the collection include the Cocksox CSX Boxer and the CSX76 Sports Brief. Both the boxer and brief are created with comfort and function in mind so that you can achieve the most out of your active lifestyle. The Cocksox CSX Collection also includes the CSX68 Trunk, CSX03 Waistband Brief and the CSX93 Long Leg Boxer.

The Cocksox CSX12 Boxer is an essential item in every man’s gym bag. The CSX boxer features seamless wraparound back and sides, a contour pouch, a super-soft waistband and stunning Supplex fabric, which feels completely luxurious. The Supplex fabric is a high tech weave that is super-soft, wicks away moisture, retains shape, dries quickly and is exceptionally long lasting. Basically, the Cocksox CSX Boxer is the ultimate underwear for an athletic-minded guy. The CSX12 Boxer is available in six great colors, and is also designed with a stylish flair.

The Cocksox CSX76 Sports Brief is created with a retro style for the active guy. The CSX Sports Brief is also made from the same high tech Supplex fabric that wicks away moisture, retains shape, dries quickly and is extremely long lasting. Engineered with the sportsman in mind, this brief also includes heat press care labels (no scratchy tags), a fully breathable design, a contour support pouch designed for maximum comfort and a durable/long lasting structure. Whether you pick the boxer or the brief or any other underwear options in the CSX Collection, you know you’re getting an extremely beneficial pair of undies to help you achieve your fitness goals.

What do you think of the various selections in The Cocksox CSX Collection? Do you prefer briefs or boxers? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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