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Boxers or Briefs: DJ Edition

Croota Seamless Boxer Briefs are extremely unique in both their design and their style. They embody a futurist fit and a very modern aesthetic. The unique design is exceptionally lightweight and allows for freedom of movement, creating a 2nd-skin like quality. This 2nd-skin feeling allows you to feel comfortable, confident and sexy and creates an innovative underwear wearing experience. The very light and breathable 54% polyester, 35% nylon, 11% elastane composition also furthers this unconventional and modern approach to underwear design. The Croota Seamless Boxer Brief is truly out of this world!

Whenever we slip into a pair of Croota underwear, we can’t help but to feel a little different. Inspired directly from the one-of-a-kind nature of the Croota collection, we decided to pair up our favorite Seamless Boxer Briefs with intergalactic themed movies. Their fit and feel are so futuristic and their design are so innovative that we couldn’t help but to feel like they would be the perfect pair of underwear to kick back and enjoy a good Sci-fi film in. Because what underwear brand can you make you feel a little alien if not Croota? So slip on a pair of Croota Boxer Briefs and get ready for a movie night of space exploration.

Croota Dirty Hipster Boxer Briefs remind us most of the classic movie Alien. The Dirty Hipster Boxer Brief comes in either black or white. The black option has a white spray paint quality to it, with specks of white throughout the design, where as the white has a black spray paint-like design. Between the unique and stretchable fit, and the understated and sexy design, we can’t help but to feel like Sigourney Weaver looking flawless and she fights off monstrous aliens. The scene in particular where she is wearing a barely there all white underwear ensemble comes to mind the most.

We paired the Foggy Princesses Highway Boxer Briefs with the Academy Award winning, Interstellar. The Foggy Princesses Highway aesthetic consists of a black boxer brief with a white stripe and a white foggy/faded design throughout. Considering the plot of Interstellar is the threat of a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl, the design in Foggy Princesses Highway kind of resembled this Earth threatening disaster.

The Mainstream Boxer Brief comes in either blue or grey. Both color options are extremely modest and light in their design. The light grey aesthetic made us think of the simplicity found in another Academy Award winning movie, Gravity. Since most of Gravity is Sandra Bullock floating around space by herself in a plain white spacesuit, we felt like the straight forward and unembellished design of Mainstream kind of mimicked the setting of this movie.

The Hard Touch Boxer Brief is available in either blue or wine. Both color variations have a tie-dye like effect to them, creating a funky and unique pattern. We matched this with Guardians of the Galaxy, but more specifically Chris Pratt’s character, personality and the soundtrack in general. Even though this movie takes place in a futuristic world far, far, away, there are a ton of ’80s cultural references and music and we think these tie-dye inspired boxer briefs fit in with that theme perfectly.

Last but not least, we paired the Aurora boxer briefs with Men in Black. The Aurora Boxer Briefs come in black, with a colorful plasma-like design. The faded black boxer brief is complimented nicely by the yellows, blues, greens and pinks found throughout the boxer. This is probably one of the most unique and fun designs found in the collection, and we couldn’t think of a movie that was more fun than Men in Black.

Which Croota Seamless Boxer Brief do you like the most? Would you pair one of these futuristic boxers with your favorite space films? Lets us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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