Up Your Gym Selfie Game In The Clever Kipsec Tank

Clever Kipsec Tank

Working off countless beers, cocktails, and greasy finger foods consumed over the holidays can be quite the job, but if anyone’s can handle the challenge you can, right? Just because you’re going to be sweating at the gym doesn’t mean you can’t look great, so check out the Clever Kipsec Tank to improve your gym look.

The Kipsec Tank is made up of a stretch microfiber fabric that will have the garment moving with your body as you go hard in the gym. The neck and shoulder seams are cut high and close to the body to create a more modern look. This cut also allows the seams to curve around your shoulder and chest muscles for a more enhanced view. This style is available in three solid colors, the piping is a darker shade of each color just to give each style a more athletic vibe perfect for any trip to the gym.Check out the Kipsec Tank below!


Kipsec Tank
Price: $24.14
Color Options: Coral, Green, and Blue
Sizes: S-XL
Material: 62% Polyester, 38% Nylon

Clever Kipsec Tank 4


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