Button Fly Underwear Has Fasten Sense

Button fly underwear is an old school option most men lack in their collections. Any pair designed with a button fly – functional or not – has a more sophisticated aesthetic. You’d wear button fly underwear when you wear a tie. You’d wear it during a job interview. You’d wear it to impress in a classy way.

Most underwear brands don’t design pairs with button flies. But those that do contrast the retro accent with a modern design. Today’s button fly underwear has a slim cut that’s form-fitting and full coverage. This keeps the well-dressed appearance of the button fly and updates it for a sharp, contemporary look.

The underwear featured in our Button Fly photoshoot is designed by Tani, M8Mate and Eroix. Each of these brands has a refined aesthetic. They take a less-is-more approach to their designs. And a button fly is a small yet effective way to dress up any pair. Less is more, and a button fly is all it takes.

Tani’s minimal SwissTouch Slim Button Boxer is accented with a button fly the gives the pair a sense of luxury. The look is so clean and simple that it’s bold. You get a modern fit that’s comfortably snug on the skin. You get the gentlemanly throwback to button flies. This is a thinking man’s pair of underwear.

M8Mate accents their button flies even further with color blocked designs. The Gattaca underwear comes in three neutral color options, each contrasted by a black waistband. The waistband make the dark buttons pop just the right amount to keep things low key and high profile.

Eroix rethinks the idea of button fly underwear entirely. From a distance, the Boardroom Boxer looks like a daring pair of booty shorts. They’re designed not just with a button fly but a button closure waistband. This gives the underwear more structure for a classy and stylish finish.

The second featured pair from Eroix is their Suit And Tie Boxer. The name pretty much says it all. There is a button fly, and then right above it, a tie closure not unlike a swimsuit. Stylish business men would wear Eroix pairs around the house.

If your underwear collection could use a more sophisticated player, button fly underwear is the way to go. The brands keep it simple. Put them on, and you’ll pull off the look.

What kind of man do you think wears button fly underwear? Do you own any pairs with a button fly? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Eroix, M8Mate, Tani

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Fredrick Hoffman

Feature Image: Eroix Boardroom Boxer


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