Bring Your Obviously Lumber Collection To These Four Outdoor Destinations

Bring Your Obviously Lumber

There’s nothing like unplugging yourself and getting back in touch with nature. The Obviously Lumber Collection is perfect for getting back in touch with Mother Nature. Bring your Obviously Lumber styles on your next outdoor destination. Check out four of our outdoor favorites here:

Cabin In The Woods: Take a load off and a trip off into the woods to a nice secluded cabin. There’s nothing like drinking your morning coffee while listening to birds chirping and other animals roaming around instead of the usual blaring car horns and road maintenance crews working. This kind of silence and solitude will allow you to gain a better perspective on life and nature, while also having your manhood supported and comfortable in the Lumber styles.

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Hiking: Exploring nature and meeting wildlife can be amazing. Animals have a wise, innocence about them that we tend to over look. Walking through the woods and seeing animals in their natural habit might be just what you need to get in tuned with Mother Nature, and it’s also excellent exercise. The Obviously Lumber styles move with your body during your hike and are equipped with the AnatoFREE pouch, which will keep you supported while letting your boys hang free, just like nature intended.

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Camping: Get your best buddies together head off into the mountains and sleep under the stars. You can’t feel anymore at one with nature than that. Hearing the crickets off in the distance and the sky glowing only with stars will fill you with a sense of serenity that is indescribable. Start a fire with your own two hands and share a real conversation with your best friends, you’ll all leave that site with great memories that will last for a lifetime. The Obviously Lumber 9 inch AnatoFREE Boxer Brief will provide extra coverage along yur thighs just in case it gets a bit chilly.

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Trail Maintenance: Give back to your community and also getting in touch with nature all at once. Helping clear local hiking trails of debris and fallen trees will not only help maintain a great looking trail but also keep that trail safe for hikers. Keeping people safe and also enjoying nature will fill you with a sense of pride and joy that can’t be matched. The Obviously Lumber styles are also moisture wicking which will aid in keeping dry if things start to heat up on the trail.

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Which outdoor destination would you bring your Obviously Lumber styles to? What do you love most about the Lumber Collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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