Baskit $12 Tuesday– Active Low Rise Trunk

Active Low Rise Trunk

New year, new you is the saying most people will be saying this month right? We started a new saying: new year, new me, new underwear! Recharge your underwear drawer with this week’s $12 Tuesday deal on Baskit’s Active Low Rise Trunk!

The Active Trunk is available in three colors: blue, grey and white. Each color features red piping and trimming which gives the style a more athletic vibe. The waistband is white with yellow, red and grey horizontal lines and a logo patch right in the middle. The Active trunk features a low cut waistband! The wide waistband features a logo patch right in the center above your package. Drawing eyes to wear you want them most.

This style is perfect for getting your heart racing and sweaty or even just to hangout in. This style is versatile and supportive throw on a pair if you’re going on a long hike with your buddies, on a date, or to the gym.The contoured pouch is supportive and will secure your package so things aren’t getting willy nilly while you get your sweat on. The form-fitting fabric conforms to your body, while moving with you in which ever direction you plan to go. If you’re a guy who likes to work up a sweat and enjoys a great sale, stock up on all three colors before this deal ends!

What do you think of the Baskit Active Low Rise Trunk? Which color do you think would look the best on you? What make you unique? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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