A Brief Update With Aware Soho: Valentine’s Day Edition

The Underwear Expert is your guide to everything underwear- from what type of fabrics you should wear during sweaty workouts, how to pull off camouflage or nautical prints, and especially what to wear for special holidays like Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be a saccharine affair with heart-shaped, lipstick motifs, so that it inspires a cringe-worthy expression from your face as you pull them on. Find a pair that you can repurpose for any day of the year while pleasing your chosen audience. We’ve got you covered with our Aware Soho Valentine’s Day underwear picks.

Coming to you hot in sizes S-XL, Aware Soho’s FIT Briefs in Red is caliente. The seductive brief displays a classic white waistband, with a blue logo printed at the center and a cut that skims your upper thighs. This contrasts beautifully with the red brief body with vertical blue stripes running down the sides. This sporty, yet sexy, look comes in lots of fresh colors with a 95% cotton and 5% elastane fabric for that comfort you’re looking for. We’ve chosen the vivid red hue for the Valentine’s Day theme. Traditionally made for the active men to wear in the outdoors or at the gym, for a special occasion, the FIT Brief in Red is a perfect accompaniment to your candlelit dinner date, and then a workout at the gym the next day to work off the calories.

The FIT Boxers in Red comes in many different colors with sizes running from S-XL. The stimulating red colored boxers land mid-thigh, accentuating the muscles in your legs and rear. The navy blue waistband matches the boxer’s seams for a complementary look.  The brief body is solid in color and features vertical white stripes on the right and left sides. Even though this design is more relaxed, the FIT boxer has a bold and athletic feel to it, great to wear at the office and on casual outings. The gym-ready fabrics will have you moving faster as you run home from work to get ready for your Valentine’s day movies and dinner date festivities.

The SOHO Trunks Cobalt is a masculine take for your Valentine’s Day wardrobe. The SOHO Trunks were made to mirror the cool vibes and fashion forwardness that London’s Soho is known for. Composed in a comfortable 95% cotton and 5% elastane blend, this ensures an awesome fit. The fitted trunks come in a solid color, with a white waistband and the “aware” logo prominently stitched on the front. The pouch is nicely boosted with a profile-enhancing view, and sensual pops of red on the sides of the trunks thanks to the chunky colored border. The trunks come with a cheeky detailing with the “SOHO” logo featured on the rear. Inspire confidence with this confidence-building pair. This print has been tested in many different settings and it does not peel off, even after many washes in the laundry. Exude assertiveness and poise in this pair for any day of the year. Wear this made to impress pair on Valentine’s Day.

What was your favorite Aware Soho Valentine’s Day look? What are your favorite activities for that day? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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