Armando Adajar Captures The Exclusive PPÜ Collection

PPÜ Collection

The PPÜ collection is full of innovative and special underwear designs. Each piece is individualistic and has a unique flair and style to it. The best way to truly capture these exceptional designs was through the artistic eye of photographer Armando Adajar. Armando teams up with model Robert Westbrook to bring us the latest and greatest from the PPÜ collection. Armando photographs Robert in front of a dark stone background. The simple and masculine backdrop draws emphasis on each piece of uniquely designed PPÜ underwear, capturing the exclusive features of each design. The dark and effortless background also helps to bring the underwear to the foreground by highlighting each contrasting color choice in the remarkable PPÜ collection.

The PPÜ collection allots Robert to show off just the right amount of skin, and each pair defines his lower body flawlessly. The flash lighting brings out each fine detail of Robert’s athletic body, as well as each fine detail found in the underwear. There’s also something very harmonious between Robert’s tattoos and the designs of the underwear. The colors and designs found throughout Robert’s tattoos mimic the cut out shapes and subtle pops of color found throughout the PPÜ collection. Check out the photos below and let us know which photograph captures your attention the most!

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What do you appreciate about Armando Adajar’s photography? What makes the PPÜ collection one of your favorite underwear collections? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: PPÜ

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

Model Credit: Robert Westbrook

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