Sit Poolside With Adrian C. Martin and BWET Swimwear

BWET Swimwear

From photographer Adrian C. Martin comes a stunningly wet photo shoot, featuring models Tomás Pérez & Jonathan Naranjo. Adrian photographs the two handsome underwear models at the Taburiente Hotel, located on the beautiful Canary Islands. Amongst each frame and beautiful image, it’s impossible not to also notice each of the BWET swimsuits that both models are sporting. Our attention is immediately captured once we catch a glimpse of the masculine models in the super stylish BWET swimwear collection.

Both Tomás and Jonathan are photographed throughout the luxurious hotel: on the rooftop, sitting poolside and lounging around. The natural sunlight is the perfect light source for capturing the vivid and striking colors of each swimsuit. The clean and modern background also helps to bring focus to the pops of color and stylish details found in the BWET swimwear collection. Both models prove to be in impeccable shape, as they soak up the sun and get a little wet. Whether they’re photographed lounging next to the pool, taking in the view from the balcony or striking a pose near the lifeguard stand, each image captures the sexy style of this Adrian C. Martin photo shoot perfectly.

Which piece from the BWET Swimwear collection do you prefer? What makes Adrian C. Martin one of your favorite photographers? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: BWET

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model Credit: Tomás Pérez & Jonathan Naranjo

Products supplied by BWET


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