Trade In Your Coats For CheapUndies Swimwear

CheapUndies Swimwear

Winter getaways are a must. They revamp us, get some vitamin D into our skin and let us relax. For this year’s winter getaway, trade in your coat for some CheapUndies Swimwear!

CheapUndies is known for having an array of styles that are colorful, unique and sexy. Most of the brand’s swimwear styles are low cut waists and high cut leg openings to show off the most amount of skin. If you’re feeling sporty, then check out the Varsity Swim and Racer collections. The use of racing stripes in each collection gives off the athletic vibe.

Is color blocking more your thing? The Side Color, Power Swim and Square Cut Swim will all have you covered. Each collection uses contrasting color blocks in different ways to create eye-catching, vibrant styles. The Power Swim uses color blocking around the waist that points to your package, drawing eyes where you want them the most. The Square Cut Swim uses a curved color block that are opposite each other from front to back. The Side Color styles use small blocks of bright colors on the left hip to keep the look simple yet still eye-catching.

Some of us also prefer solid colored swimwear, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though! The Neon Swim collection offers styles in bright fun colors that will have everyone on the beach staring as you walk by. The Square collection offers square cut trunks in bright primary colors that hug your frame and show off what your momma gave you!

Not only are CheapUndies styles unique, fun and colorful, they are also incredibly affordable. Check out their website for more styles!

Which of these CheapUndies Swimwear styles do you want to bring on your winter getaway? What makes CheapUndies one of your favorite swimwear brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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