Top 3 Athletes that Can Benefit from Baskit Active Underwear

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The Baskit Active Collection packs a powerful punch. This gym-inspired collection delivers exceptionally functional underwear that are created to take your workouts to the next level. Whether you’re looking to increase your endurance with running or gain some muscle with weight training, this collection has a pair for you. Each pair is made from a 90/10 blend of Modal, a champion of soft fabrics made of Beechwood and premium Elastane. The fabric composition alone is what sets this athletic collection apart from other underwear options. The style draws inspiration from an old school sporty aesthetic but adds a classic masculine flair.

The Weight Trainer – Baskit Active Boxer Short: Weight training is one of the most arduous forms of exercise out there. It takes a great deal of concentration as well as dedication. Any weight trainer who is looking to outperform and reach higher levels could benefit from the Baskit Active Boxer Short. This boxer short provides the most coverage in the Active collection, stopping just above mid-thigh. This traditional boxer short cut is anything but traditional. Baskit shortened the length and provided some taper to the leg to fight against any riding up. The length of this boxer short provides enough coverage to fight against chaffing but without too much length where it becomes cumbersome. The tighter fit also aids in a more secure workout.

The CrossFit Guru – Baskit Active Low-Rise Trunk: Another form of a high-intensity work is undoubtedly CrossFit. CrossFit can be a lifestyle for some, and there are high levels of physical demands required from you. One needs the perfect pair of underwear in order to get the most out of their CrossFit training. The Baskit Active Low-Rise Trunk provides exceptional support in the pouch area and overall is a great pair of enhancement underwear. The supportive fit ensures you an easy and comfortable wear that is going to move with your body. If you’re performing rigorous movements throughout your workout, this low-rise trunk is for you.

The Long Distance Runner – Baskit Active Brief: For those of us who participate in high-endurance physical activities such as long distance running, we could profit from the Baskit Active Brief. The Baskit Active Brief and its special 90/10 blend allows for the right amount of softness, movement and security for today’s active runner. The softness of the fabric promises a comfortable and light wear that easily shapes to your body and moves with it. The pouch makes sure that your package stays in place, for even the most grueling of workouts, and the high-leg cut provides mobility for your legs.

Which pair in the Baskit Active Collection could your workout benefit from? What makes Baskit one of your favorite underwear brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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