teamm8’s M8 Of December: Laurie Mock

BodyAware Cape Cod Swim Short

2015 was a great year as far as M8 of the Months are concerned, which created a lot of excitement to see who teamm8 was going to pick for their M8 of December. With such a big year, we knew they were going to have to finish with someone equally as big. Expectations have been surpassed with the teamm8 M8 of December, Laurie Mock. With such a big year, Laurie was a great M8 to finish with for many reasons. The most notable reason is his involvement in ice-hockey. Laurie participated in three world championships and was crowned a national champion an impressive four times! He enjoyed not just the sport and success but also the opportunity to travel to so many incredible places.

More suitable to his outdoor lifestyle, Laurie moved to Sydney from Canberra at 23-years-old. Since then he has enjoyed going to the beach, hiking through the mountains and engaging in a number of sporting activities with his mates. As a true teamm8 player who continues to aspire, develop and grow, Laurie also likes meeting new people and learning new things about the world, including Spanish.

Aside from all of Laurie’s accomplishments, it doesn’t hurt that he looks exceptionally great in a pair of teamm8 swim shorts! This teamm8 M8 of December has a physique that is equally as impressive as his accomplishments and goals. Laurie loves to work hard and enjoys the rewards with friends and family. Professionally, he works in TV production, so his goals are to continue being successful as a leader and to continue to create progressive and compelling content that he can be truly proud of. As far as his training goals are concerned, he just wants to be as ripped as possible, but we think it’s safe to say he has already reached that goal.

Which teamm8 M8 of the Month was your favorite this year? What about Laurie do you think makes him a great M8 of December? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Model Credit: Laurie Mock

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