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As a brand developed out of a want for change and a need for more fashionable underwear choices, Aware Soho has taken the industry by storm over this past decade. Aware Soho has gained international recognition and has become a household name for people in at least eight countries to date.

Aware Soho has been “covering your ass since 2001” when a bored lawyer opened his first shop on King’s Road to fill the void of underwear featuring unique patterns and bright colors. Different press outlets such as The Guardian, BBC and the Financial Times interview owner Oliver G after finding out about the first ever Men’s Underwear Shop in London. Aware, as it was first called, quickly became extremely popular, and three new shops were opened up in Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and Soho. The Soho location became so popular that Oliver decided to add it to the name in 2009, birthing Aware Soho. In 2011, Aware Soho launched a swimwear line as well. Since rents skyrocketed in London, Aware Soho decided to launch a website to sell their product instead of keeping their stores open, since it no longer made financial sense to do so. Since launching the website, Aware Soho has developed a customer base in eight countries and regularly is asked to stock shops with their product.

Aware Soho is known for form fitting styles that move with the body and are also comfy to the touch. The extra roomy pouches and wide waistbands allow for each wearer to feel an extra sense of comfort with each wear. Aware Soho is a proud English brand that integrates English style into each design. This is not to say that they don’t show love to their fans in other countries. Aware Soho created the California Brief in honor of all of their faithful Californians who love their product. They’ve also honored American consumers by designing the America Tank Top as well that features the American flag. They developed both of these styles as a way to say thank you to all of the support American consumers have provided since the beginning of this brand.

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For more information on this brand: Aware Soho

Photo Credit: Aware Soho and Photographer Lionel André

Model Credit: Tony Model

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