Sexy And Bright In The Jor Mediterraneo Collection

Jor Mediterraneo Collection

The winter season can be so drab and dreary. Brighten up your winter months with some bright colored underwear that will have you looking and feeling hot! The Jor Mediterraneo Collection will do just that!

The Jor Mediterraneo Collection is available in two colors: mint and light blue. Both colors inspire energy and a vibrant attitude! This collection is made up of a 78% nylon and 22% spandex fabric blend, which means it’s comfy and moves with you. The contoured pouch will keep your boys secure and the low cut logo waistband will show off that V you’ve been working on.The Mediterraneo Collection includes four underwear cuts: bikini, boxer, bikini jockstrap and bikini g-string. Each style is uniquely sexy and fun!

For guys who lean more towards the classic styles the bikini and boxer cuts would suit them best. The bikini is cut like a classic brief but just shows off a little more skin. The leg seams cut around the top of the thigh for a better view of his muscular thighs. The boxer is slim fit and cuts off on your upper thighs for a classic trunk fit.

For a guy looking to show off a little more skin the bikini g-string and bikini jockstrap would suit him well. Both styles look exactly like the regular bikini in the front with a splash of adventure in the rear. The bikini g-string cuts across the top of the bum and down the crack for a more rounded view off his booty. The bikini jockstrap features straps that lift up the bottom of the bum for a higher more flattering view.

The Jor Mediterraneo Collection is available in sizes S to XL.

Which style from the Jor Mediterraneo Collection do you find yourself drawn to the most? What’s your favorite underwear cut to strut your stuff in? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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