A Sexy 2016 with Andrew Christian Calendars

Andrew Christian Calendars

The new Andrew Christian calendars are getting us really excited about 2016! New years are all about new beginnings, new resolutions, fresh starts and of course super fit Andrew Christian underwear models. Catering to the needs of underwear admirers across the world, Andrew Christian has released two calendars this year: The 2016 Trophy Boy Calendar and The 2016 Black Calendar. Both Andrew Christian calendars include 12 separate layouts for each month, featuring your favorite Andrew Christian underwear models.

The Trophy Boy Calendar ($4.95) is everything you would hope it would be. Most of the models are shot with natural lighting and in front white, clean and natural backgrounds. Each image evokes that sexy innocence that the Trophy Boy Collection is known for. Some of our favorite Andrew Christian models like Matt O’Reilly and Aaron Rose are featured in this great calendar.

The Black Calendar ($4.95) embodies everything that the Black Collection is known for. The sophisticated sexiness is captured with darker backgrounds, with some of the months featuring Andrew Christian model Arad wearing sport coats and unbuttoned dress shirts. Whether you’re more a Black Collection or Trophy Boy Collection kind of guy, both of these calendars are exceptionally sexy and fun, making it a tough decision between the two. Perhaps one for the office and one for at home?

Which of the two Andrew Christian calendars are you drawn to the most? Are you looking forward to making next year an Andrew Christian year? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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