Play Footsie in The Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox Collection

Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox

Everything that we love about Frank Dandy underwear can now be found in their socks collection! Now you can dress your feet up with the same Frank Dandy panache that your underwear drawer has grown so accustomed to. It’s time to give your feet the Frank Dandy treatment with their BamBoo Sox collection. The Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox collection is made of bamboo, and therefore each pair of socks is luxuriously soft and has 3-4 times better absorption capacity than your average cotton socks. The Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox Collection is especially good for those with sensitive and easily irritated skin. You have a wide selection of pairs to choose from, so play footsie in fun and creative colors, funky designs or even while showing support for non-violent acts of love.

The same non-violent designs found in the Frank Dandy FD x NV Peace Underwear Collection can be found in their Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox Collection. Each color (black, pink or navy) features either the words “Peace,” “Non-Violence” or the knotted gun design near the ankle and leg. The Frank Dandy logo can be found near the sole of the sock.

Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox

The Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox Collection also features three different striation designs. Choose from Antique Green, Deep Cobalt or Orange Ochre. Each pair has a reinforced heel and toe for a superior durability and long-lasting comfort.

Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox

There are also two Solid Space colors available. Choose from Regal Orchid or Coral. Each sock in the Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox Collection is also created with a flexible welt/cuff that won’t compress your legs, while keeping the sock in place for all-day wear (and for a good game of footsie)!

Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox

Which design do you prefer? Could your sock drawer benefit from the Frank Dandy Bamboo Sox Collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Frank Dandy

Photo Credit: Frank Dandy

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