Get Lost in the Woods With The Obviously Lumber Collection

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The new Lumber Collection from Obviously is so extremely rugged and resilient that they, of course, needed an equally as strapping campaign to go along with it. The latest campaign from Obviously takes us into the woods with an Obviously model with whom we wouldn’t mind getting lost. Supplied with an axe, fire-building skills, bird conditioning techniques and a perfect physique, this model is anything but ordinary. Not to mention, he comes equipped with the new Obviously Lumber Collection. It’s safe to say we would feel more than safe in the wilderness with a guy like this.

Although the images of him with both a hawk and an owl on his forearm are enough to captivate your attention, we couldn’t help but notice the subtle Obviously Lumber waistband sticking out just above his jeans. Set in a beautiful woodland setting, the natural daylight shows each rugged cut and shape of the model’s upper body. His temperament remains cool and confident as each bird rests on his arm. We also find this Obviously hunk in the forest equipped with an axe and his Lumber underwear. The waistband sits just below his abs, accenting his torso perfectly. The timberland background is slightly out of focus, covered in a fog-like haze. This puts the focal point on the model and his Obviously underwear.

The Obviously model is also photographed building a fire late at night and staring out of his log cabin during the day. In this image you can see the Obviously Lumber AnatoFREE Boxer Brief in entirety. This longer-styled underwear reaches 9-inches down his leg, while the cranberry color accents his skin tone. There’s something extremely copacetic about a rugged man wearing Obviously underwear in the great outdoors.

Which image is your favorite in this Obviously Lumber photo shoot? Will you pack a pair the next time you head into the wilderness? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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