Mosmann Bamboo Underwear is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Mosmann Bamboo

Mosmann Australia offers a wide range of the finest men’s underwear. Each collection features specialty fabrics for your everyday needs. Each component, down to its fiber, tailored cut, design and dyeing methods are all carefully considered. For those guys who enjoy an exceptionally soft pair of underwear and those guys who have sensitive skin, we recommend the Mosmann Bamboo collection for its sustainable and antibacterial properties. You can choose from bold prints and solid colors to match your unique taste and style.

The Bamboo fabric found in the Mosmann Bamboo collection is an ultra soft and hypoallergenic antistatic that won’t irritate sensitive skin or sensitive guys. Not only are these trunks great for allergy prone skin, but the Bamboo collection also features thermo-regulation fabric that will keep you comfortable throughout a long day at the office, as well as during outdoor activities. Mosmann bamboo underwear is made from viscose of bamboo. This material is soft to the touch, similar to a blend of cashmere, silk or modal. It promotes air circulation between the fibers, making it naturally moisture wicking. Perspiration is carried away from the body and air is allowed to flow around, while drying the skin. These trunks will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter; this collection will always cater to your sensitive needs.

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