Happy Holiday Underwear Shoot, Our Gift To You

This time of year, dressing for the occasion means dressing for the season. You have your ugly sweaters and your badass boots, sure. But don’t make your holiday underwear an afterthought. The right pair of underwear is the difference between an all-out holiday look, and one that’s lacking the holiday spirit. Whether you work with holiday colors or patterns, this holiday underwear photoshoot points you in several right directions.

The easiest way to add some holiday flair to your underwear is to make it a seasonal color – mainly red or green. Darker shades are best, but by no means necessary for achieving that holiday cheer style. In fact, they work better as pops of color underneath your clothes.

If your holiday look is green-on-red-on-green, then you have some thinking to do. If green is red and how you do the holidays, though, stick to one and use the other as an accent. That’s what most pairs in this photoshoot do.

Just about every pair Frank Dufek models sticks to either red or green, and accents that color with white. This way the underwear works off those quintessential holiday hues, without looks too much like christmastime undies.

Mosmann and Björn Borg use more than one color but keep things balanced thanks to their pattern designs. Björn Borg uses green shades of blue for a plaid look we could honestly wear any season. Mosmann gets something similar – yet more holiday-ish – with its red and blue chevron print.

Calvin Klein’s featured pair is a green trunk with red text on the waistband. It’s a noticeable nod to the holidays, but one that doesn’t dominate the look.

Retrobottega brings us a red brief that finds itself in our holiday underwear shoot because of its printed waistband. The subtle pattern on the waistband dresses up the red brief, and makes it an acceptable choice for your holiday party.

Maybe less acceptable, if your holiday plans include family, is Candyman’s lace red trunk. This one is for holiday parties with friends and your significant other. It could even double as a present for your partner.

Which pair from our holiday underwear shoot would go best with your holiday party look? Are you the type to rock red and green around the holidays? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Baskit, Bear Skn, Björn Borg, Buttcovers, Candyman, Emporio Armani, Falke, Hard Core, Mundo Unico, Retrobottega

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusviely for The Underwear Expert

Model: Frank Dufek

Products Supplied by Andrew Christian, Baskit, Bear Skn, Bjorn Borg, Buttcovers, Candyman, Emporio Armani, Falke, Hard Core, Mundo Unico, Retrobottega


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