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Navy Underwear

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again: navy blue is a special color. In men’s fashion, navy is the color wheel’s VIP. It’s the only color you’ll commonly see in menswear – a refreshing alternative to black, white and grey. The same applies for navy underwear. Navy blue rides the line between formal and casual perfectly. This makes pairs of navy underwear are a must-have for any man’s underwear drawer.

Navy underwear walks the same path as neutral-colored pairs. Because of that, your navy pairs can be worn for any occasion and during every season. In other words, it’s always a smart color choice. And not to mention, a handsome one that every man on the planet looks good in. The color is masculine and sensible, yet attention-getting without being loud. If you’re looking to dabble in something dapper below the belt, navy underwear is the way to go.

Ajdin Sefer models 8 pairs of navy underwear in our exclusive photoshoot below. Each strikes that casual-dressy balance that navy does best. But some still lean more to one side than the other. It comes down to how the underwear is designed, from small accents to the waistbands.

A button-fly is one surefire way to turn a casual pair into a dressier one. The Curbwear Chelsea Navy Brief is made with one, adding some class to the brief’s overall design. Making the Chelsea Navy Brief even more attractive is the white accents. White is used for the fly’s two buttons, the leg seams, and accent stripes on the waistband. This gives it something of a sailor vibe and makes this brief “navy” in more ways than one.

Another fine finish for navy underwear can come on the waistband. Brands such as Emporio Armani accent the dark blue with a silver waistband for a touch of brightness and a little edge. Other brands such as Naked and Tani do the opposite and use the same navy on the waistband for a more seamless and refined finish.

That being said, navy underwear isn’t always such a cool player. Take Clever’s Desert Classic Brief. Gold lettering on the waistband serves to dress it up. Then there is the textured fabric. It manages to bring class and sex appeal to the look simultaneously. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but the navy color sure makes it easier.

How many pairs of navy underwear do you own? Is navy one of your go-to colors for underwear? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Clever, Curbwear, Emporio Armani, Kiniki, Naked, Tani, Xtremen

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively on The Underwear Expert

Model: Ajdin Sefer

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