Editor’s Pick: CheapUndies

Editor’s Pick: CheapUndies Yellow Saturday Trunk

Why We Love It: The CheapUndies Yellow Saturday Trunk makes us do a double-take on the color yellow — which is no small feat. Normally when thinking of our favorite underwear colors, yellow is the red-headed stepchild. It’s a fun color that’s capable of sexy, but far from being a staple.

That being said, the Saturday waistband on the Yellow Saturday Trunk adds both purpose and playfulness to the pair. This is yellow underwear worth breaking out at least once a week. Why? Because CheapUndies approaches the color in the right way.The yellow body is balanced by a contrasting white trim. And the waistband has narrow orange lines for more well-rounded tone.

Saturday is also our favorite day of the week, so there’s that.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: CheapUndies is becoming a go-to brand for men’s underwear basics. A simple cut and a solid color is all we need when throwing on a pair to start our day. That, and a comfortable fit, of course.

The CheapUndies Days of the Week Collection encompasses all of these things, and does it in a cute and uplifting way. We’re all about the waistbands in this collection. It’s a clever idea that compliment the attitude of the bright underwear colors. Just don’t go and where them on the wrong day of the week.

How We’d Wear It: On a Saturday. And since it’s getting colder, we’d probably pair them with grey denim or chinos. A black contrast would be too powerful for the yellow. Tan would be too similar. So go with grey. It won’t overpower the pop of yellow, and will make the hue look even brighter. But feel free to add something black on top after that. So long as that yellow remains bold, and the highlight of your overall look.

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For more information on this brand: CheapUndies

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Jared North

Products Supplied by CheapUndies


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