Which Frank Dandy Personality Type Are You?

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Underwear guru Frank Dandy has become synonymous with eccentricity and innovation. Their designs are memorable and unique, to say the least. With so much Frank Dandy personality and panache in each individual pair, we thought it would be fun to see what your Frank Dandy underwear say about you. They just released some new styles that we matched up with three equally as unique and quirky personality types: The Performer, The Wallflower and The Visionary. Take a peek at the new designs, and see what your Frank Dandy personality type is!

The first new Frank Dandy design is the Birch Boxer. The Birch Boxer features magenta, purple and blue colors, with a birch print. The colorful birch print is displayed vividly on a black background. The dark background accentuates and highlights the vibrance in the birch color scheme, which all come together to form a groovy and captivating nature-themed design. The naturalness of the birch bark, with the unconventional and vibrant color scheme creates a design that we believe would lure in a visionary. Visionaries are eccentric themselves and are usually open-minded and unconventional when it comes to their thoughts and ideas. A main drive of theirs is to find solutions to intellectually-challenging problems, and we picture them finding these solutions while sporting a pair of Birch Boxers.

Frank Dandy Personality

Next, is the Gator Boxer in white. The Gator Boxer displays a black and white zig-zag pattern though out the entirety of the boxer. Placed over the zig-zags are the words “Frank” and “Dandy” written prominently in capital letters. The light blue lettering is accented by a bright red background, which grabs your attention immediately. We believe The Performer personality type would gravitate towards this pair. With the loud and boisterous design, these boxers are hard not to pay attention to. The Performer personality type is engaging and vivacious, who can charm and captivate those around them through their enthusiasm… just like the Gator Boxer.

Frank Dandy Personality

The Oranges Boxer in Green is the third new design featured by Frank Dandy. The Oranges Boxer features subdued hues of greens, oranges and just a speckle of white. The design and color scheme exude a moody, yet pleasant aesthetic, one that we matched most closely with The Wallflower personality type. Although Wallflowers are known to be awkward and disengaging, we find something endearing and mysterious about them. The quirkiness of the orange pattern and the artsy design that it creates is one that we think a Wallflower would respond best to. The design is sweet yet approachable, just like a Wallflower.

Frank Dandy Personality

Which Frank Dandy personality type are you? Did your personality match your favorite pair of Frank Dandy Boxers? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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