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Trends tend to come and go. The world of fashion can be a revolving door of “what’s in” and “what’s out.” The same holds true in the world of men’s underwear. We see piques of interest in jockstraps one season and then trunks the next. Lately, we’ve been seeing a ton of great designs in the brief department, both from our favorite brands and from our readers.

Paul from Nassau County, New York –  Hey Underwear Expert! To start off I’d like to preface that I’m a big boxers and trunks guy, I’ve always been. But lately I can’t help but notice that briefs have been taking over in the underwear world. More and more I see briefs featured on your website, and in the locker room at the gym. As a kid I always wore “tighty-whities,” but as a young man I grew to appreciate the fit of a boxer much more. It seems like the brief is back, and I want to give briefs another try – I just want to make sure I try the right brand. Thanks for the help!

The Underwear Expert – Hey Paul, thanks for reaching out! First, I can’t help but to notice that you described briefs as “tighty-whities.” I think your first problem is that you haven’t seen the brief evolve past that. These days, briefs are much more than just your standard pair of hip-huggers. It’s understandable that you prefer boxers though; they do offer more freedom, and some guys don’t like the more exposed fit of a brief cut. However, you are right: briefs are making a huge re-emergence in the underwear world. Below, I’m going to suggest three great brands that take the brief design and turn it into something more, and I’ll help explain why the brief is back. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable in a pair after realizing just how functional a brief can be!

2xist Pima Contour Pouch Brief – 2xist is great brand to segue from boxer to brief. They are also a brand that explains why the brief is back. The Pouch Brief offers an original contour pouch for support, fit and boost. The waistband sits level with the hips, which gives you a classic fit that a boxer would. The microfiber waistband gives you a comfortable fit, and the 4-inch side length offers more coverage than your average brief. If showing too much is an issue, this brief is perfect for you!

BodyAware Soft Gossamer Brief – If you’re looking for a more drastic change into the brief world, I would suggest seeing what BodyAware has to offer. A little more sexy and innovative in design, their Gossamer Brief features an almost transparent fabric that is as soft as it is light. The fabric clings lightly to your body and the fit is enhanced by faux seams at the front and a contouring seam in the back. With an ultra comfortable fit and feel and package enhancing features, this brief is cutting-edge to say the least and it’s just further proof that the brief is back!

Freedom Reigns iCandy Brief – Freedom Reigns is always our go-to for athletic and sporty underwear. Since you mentioned the gym earlier, this option is a no-brainer. The iCandy brief offers a low-rise fit and is created with a supremely comfortable modal fabric, with a 5% spandex composition. The spandex mixed with modal creates not only a comfortable fit, but a fit that moves with your body and supports you where you need it most. With its sporty colors and color-block style, the design on these briefs is also something worth mentioning.

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For more information on these brands: 2xist, BodyAwareFreedom Reigns

Photo Credit: 2xist, BodyAware, Freedom Reigns


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