Check Out The CheapUndies Holiday Spectacular

CheapUndies Holiday Spectacular

CoCo Peru is here to choose the lead for the CheapUndies Holiday Spectacular! Although not all of the boys have the greatest singing talents, they all sure do look great in their CheapUndies Holiday Undies and Onesies! The infamous and legendary drag queen holds auditions to find the lead, but she has a trick up her sleeve in order to catch each hopeful boy in his CheapUndies.

The new Trend Lounge Onesies and Golden Luxe Briefs look spectacular on each of the models. Each onesie contours to their bodies and fits them like a slick glove. Not only are these onesies and briefs cozy and well-fitted but they are also super festive! Check out the CheapUndies Holiday Spectacular video below and let us know who you would pick as the lead!

Who was your favorite model in the CheapUndies Holiday Spectacular video? What makes CheapUndies one of your favorite underwear brands? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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