CheapUndies Gifts: Naughty Or Nice?

It’s that time of year again. Time to treat those closest to you with a present. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It just has to be something they’d use and enjoy. The answer is underwear. Think about it: It’s fun. Not a lot of people buy it for themselves. And when it comes to CheapUndies gifts, it’s incredibly inexpensive. (All the more reason to treat yourself while you’re at it.)

When giving the gift of underwear, “naughty or nice” is an entirely different question. Ending up on the Naughty List isn’t always such a bad thing. And ending up on the Nice List is nice, too, especially when it comes to CheapUndies Gifts.


Net G-String – $8.99
Colors: Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Orange

CheapUndies Gifts

Neon Swim Enhancement Bikinis – $6.99-$14.99
Colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow

CheapUndies Gifts


Days Of The Week Collection – Briefs ($9.99), Trunks ($12.99)
Colors: Black (Monday), Purple (Tuesday), Mint (Wednesday), Orange (Thursday), Pink (Friday), Yellow (Saturday), Blue (Sunday)

CheapUndies Gifts

Golden Luxe Brief – $9.99
Colors: Black, Navy, Purple, Rust, White

CheapUndies Gifts

Fresh Briefs – $9.99
Colors: Blue, Purple, Orange, Strawberry, Yellow

CheapUndies Gifts

Fresh Trunks – $12.99
Colors: Blue, Purple, Orange, Strawberry, Yellow

CheapUndies Gifts

CheapUndies: Nice (4) Naughty (#)

Will you be giving anyone, or yourself, the gift of CheapUndies this year? Where you more naughty or more nice in 2015? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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