Feel Like The Fresh Prince CheapUndies Fresh Trunks

CheapUndies Fresh Trunks

Breath some life into your underwear drawer with new CheapUndies styles! The CheapUndies Fresh Trunks will have you feeling just as fresh as the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.

The CheapUndies Fresh Trunks Collection is made up of a super smooth and breathable nylon blend that will have you feeling super comfortable and will move with you throughout your day. The contoured pouch will support your package, and the trunks hug your frame, showing off each curve of your muscles. The wide FRESH signature waistband contrasts with the color of each style and add a little touch.

The soft pastel colors will bring in a new element to your underwear repertoire and have you feeling revamped in no time! This collection features five colors: blue, orange, purple, strawberry and yellow. Each style also features grey piping and seams that match the FRESH waistband. The leg piping curves around each leg and under your backside to give your leg muscles a more flattering view. Each of these CheapUndies styles are so affordable and will have you looking great!

The CheapUndies Fresh Trunks Collection is available in sizes: S – XL

Which fresh color in the CheapUndies Fresh Trunks Collection will look best on you? Why are you so in love with CheapUndies? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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