Travel to The Canary Islands with Lodoli Underwear

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From photographer Adrián C. Martin comes this stunning and sexy Lodoli underwear photo shoot, featuring male model Airam Castedo, on the largest of the seven Canary islands, Tenerife Island. The island’s rugged terrain complements Airam’s masculine physique and eclectic tattoos perfectly. Each piece of Lodoli underwear and swimwear contour to Airam’s body like a glove, adding even more allure to this already exceptional photo shoot.

Adrián photographs Airam outside in natural sunlight, which complements the vibrant colors of each piece of Lodoli underwear and swimwear brilliantly. The natural sunlight also helps to showcase each impeccable cut and definition of Airam’s athletic physique. The grey stone background exaggerates the already rough and resilient theme of this exotic shoot. The natural environment helps to draw attention to Lodoli’s natural underwear initiative. Apart from ecological cotton, Lodoli uses wood cellulose to create a Modal Fiber from which the brand’s underwear is created–maybe that’s why each pair looks like second skin on Airam.

Our favorite from the shoot would have to be the one of Airam tying the drawstrings of his Steel Push-Up Swim Brief. The silver waistband shines vibrantly against his abs, and the higher cut showcases his upper thigh tattoos flawlessly.

Which image is your favorite in this Lodoli underwear shoot by Adrián C. Martin? What makes Lodoli one of your favorite underwear brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Lodoli Underwear

Photos Credit: Photographer Adrian C. Martin

Model Credit: Airam Castedo

Products Supplied by: Lodoli


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