Ask The Expert: Perfect Styles To Wear Under A Suit

Perfect Styles To Wear Under A Suit

Different underwear styles are made to fit different occasions — from working out, to lounging, to going out, the underwear industry has you covered. What are the perfect styles to wear under a suit? Check out this Ask The Expert and find out!

Colin from Downtown Manhattan, New York – How’s it hanging, The Underwear Expert? I’ve been working on Wall Street for about five years now, it’s great and I love my job. I try to look good each time I go into the office but I’ll notice that you can see my boxer briefs under my tailored suits. And if I wear regular boxers it bunches and gets really uncomfortable. Do you have any solutions to my issues? I’m a pretty open guy and would love to find new underwear that looks and feels great. Thanks for your help.

The Underwear Expert – Hi Colin! Thank you for contacting us! Many men face this issue and there’s a simple solution! Most regular boxers are loose-fitting, which means extra, unwanted fabric. Wearing a slim-fit cut eliminates that issue and still gives you the roomy feel of a boxer. Slim-fit boxers fit perfectly underneath dress pants or a suit and won’t be seen. Your boxer brief issue might be that you’re wearing styles with leg openings that are too tight for your thighs, or that you want to forgo the leg seam all together. There are boxer brief and trunk styles that are seamless so they won’t show up underneath a suit. Check out some underwear styles that are suit-friendly:

Pengallan Slim-Fit Boxers: These slim-fit boxers are hand sewn and great to look at. They feature side vents on each leg to keep you cool and a flat waistband in the front for maximum comfort. The backside is also contoured to make these boxers fit perfectly while you’re sitting or squatting.

Tani Freeform Cotton Trunk: This trunk doesn’t have seams because the fabric used doesn’t unravel or roll to cause bunching, crimping or riding up naturally — meaning that seams aren’t necessary. This prevents the underwear from being visible under your dress pants. It contours to your body but stretches so it’s not constricting. The contoured pouch will also keep your boys supported while you go through your workday.

What are your perfect styles to wear under a suit? Do you have any underwear related questions that we can answer for you on Ask The Expert? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For More Information on these brands: Pengallan and Tani

Photo Credit: Pengallan and Tani


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