About The Brand: Tani

About The Brand: Tani

Tani is a luxury brand aiming to raise the bar for men’s undergarments – from underwear and loungewear to thermal clothing. They do this by selecting only the highest quality fabrics and designing their underwear with sophistication and simplicity. You won’t find revealing cutouts or bold colors in Tani’s collection. Instead, you’ll find solid colored designs that pay attention to what The Underwear Expert believes to be the holy trinity of men’s underwear: fabric, form and function.

Tani’s arsenal of luxury fabrics is chosen for their performance abilities and levels of comfort. Combined with innovative knitting techniques, Tani promises their offerings are the most comfortable pieces you’ll ever put on. The brand’s fabrics lineup includes materials such as MICRO MODAL® AIR, which is finer than silk and sourced from the top 3% of the world’s cotton crop. The same supply of cotton is used for Tani’s SWISS COTTON™ material. This is cotton like you’ve never felt before, exclusively knitted in Switzerland with cotton from the U.S. and Egypt.

Making their luxury looks even more useful, they all boast some level of moisture wicking ability. The secret is their original pique knit – a first in men’s underwear – which creates small pockets of air that help regulate body temperature. In regards to function, Tani also works to ensure each pair of their underwear retains its shape. Luxury must always be timeless, which is another reason Tani exclusively designs underwear that is simple and free of gimmicks.

Simplicity is the truest form of elegance and sophistication. Each season Tani’s collections are updated with solid pairs and a few unique patterns that dress up common prints such as plaid. This makes Tani underwear easy to work into your daily attire. Because another thing luxury should always be is versatile. Start off with a pair of luxury underwear and the rest of your style will surely be on-point.

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