About The Brand: Jack Adams

About The Brand: Jack Adams

Founded in 2010, Jack Adams is an underwear and activewear brand that’s defined by the man who wears it. They appeal to the athletic man with a masculine style – and a strong sense of style at that. They’re one of the few brands that clearly acknowledges the confidence that can come from a fashionable, maybe even sexy pair of underwear. That’s why the quintessential Jack Adams man is self-assured, comfortable in his own skin, and even more comfortable in Jack Adams style.

Ask any devoutly athletic man what the look for in terms of underwear and athletic apparel, and they’ll more often than not claim the function and fashion need to go hand-in-hand for them. This is the exact mindset that comes into play with Jack Adams’ various products. Whether you wear them to the gym or during a typical off-day, this brand’s underwear is all about living the active lifestyle.

Peruse Jack Adams’ line-up of underwear and you’ll always find something that toes the line between fitness function and modern fashion. They’re briefs have a distinct sense of style with contrasting seams and color blocking, some of them even built with features to give your rear, package, or both a lift. They’re trunks, designed with a contemporary square-cut, also follow this say aesthetic.

Like any athletic brand worth their salt, Jack Adams’ also designs more full-coverage trunk styles that run as low as you’re knees. But unlike some athletic brands, Jack Adams also throws thongs and jockstraps into the mix. Jockstraps, originally being an active underwear choice, are especially welcome form this brand.

In terms of activewear, Jack Adams’ has everything you’d want in your gym bag – tanks, hoodies, and gym shorts. Go through their active looks and you’ll even find some just as suitable for lounging about in. Because the confident man knows he doesn’t need to work out allthe time to keep looking good.

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Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: James Pianka Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Feature Image: Jack Adams Pacifica Brief

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