5 CheapUndies Must-Haves For New Year’s Day

5 CheapUndies Must Haves

New Year’s is a time to restart the clock and reset your life. We make goals for the coming new year, and what better way to celebrate the new you than new fresh underwear styles? These 5 CheapUndies must-haves for New Year’s will have you looking good this year.

1.Fresh Trunks: These trunks will have you looking great this New Year! The light pastel color and perfectly contoured fit will have you feeling confident and supported while you ring in the New Year!

5 CheapUndies Must Haves 1

2. Golden Luxe Briefs: The Golden Luxe briefs just might be the golden ticket for your perfect New Year’s night! The golden logo waistband and trim give these styles an extra touch. The low cut waist and contoured pouch will have you looking good this celebration!

5 CheapUndies Must Haves 2

3. Impact Fly Brief: This style is bright and comfy, two things you’re going to want to have as you celebrate the New Year! The fabric is prime ribbed stretch cotton for added texture and maximum comfort. The open fly front allows for easy access and the black piping, trim and waistband contrast with each color to give this style an old school tightie whitey feel.

5 CheapUndies Must Haves 3

4. Bulge Styles: These retro styled briefs and trunks will have you look groovy this New Year! The contrasting piping and stripe down the side support the retro theme. The built-in pouch offers extra support and enhancement where you may need it the most!

5 CheapUndies Must Haves 4

5. Spring Collection: These boxer briefs and briefs are classic in design and offer some great pastel colors we all love to see in the spring! Update your underwear color palette for the New Year in one of these styles!

5 CheapUndies Must Haves 5


Which of these 5 CheapUndies must haves will you be wearing on New Year’s? What are your New Year’s plans? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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