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We at The Underwear Expert know the underwear brands you like to keep you covered. But did you know some of them can keep you covered in more places than below the belt? Yes, some of your favorite underwear brands also design some outerwear pieces. They’re designed with the same comfort you expect to place your package in but designed to withstand cool fall and cold winter conditions.

Check out some of The Underwear Expert’s favorite Underwear Brand Outerwear pieces below. And then snag some of them for yourself and bundle up in style.




From Left To Right: Dip-Dyed Crew Neck Pullover ($68), Waffle Henley – Estate Blue ($58),Titanium Full-Zip Hoodie ($168)



From Left To Right: Club Hoy Hoodie – Maroon ($40), Campfire Thermal Long Sleeve – Navy ($25), Basic Hoodie – Black ($24)

Modus Vivendi


From Left To Right: Wolf Longsleeve – Blue ($74.47), Candy Hoodie ($83.43), Sailor Long Sleeve – Black ($60.47)



From Left To Right: Hoodlum Hoodie – Plum ($39.95), Sports Hood – Blue ($45.90), Strikeout Lightning Long Sleeve – Hail ($32.79)

Which of the featured underwear brand outerwear and apparel pieces is most in-line with your cold weather style? Are there any brands you think deserve a spot on our list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, aussieBum, Modus Vivendi, N2N

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, aussieBum, Modus Vivendi, N2N


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