Embrace the Dark with Torio Glow in the Dark Boxer Briefs

Jor Mykonos

Torio makes underwear that are just as much fun during the day as they are at night. Why? Because they glow in the dark! Whether the lights are on or off, Torio ensures you a unique and colorful underwear wearing experience! And for those of us who are starting to experience our days getting shorter and shorter, Torio is here to help you combat that seasonal depression. So embrace the dark with Torio Glow in the Dark boxer briefs!

At first glance Torio Boxer Briefs are fun and imaginative all on their own. The brand’s designs are full of quirky caricatures and eccentric patterns. And when the sun goes down, certain hidden elements in their boxer briefs glow in the dark. For example, Torio’s Recipes for Making Love Boxer Brief displays the steps of how to build a hamburger or hotdog, simultaneously described with the steps on how to make love. The cartoon fast food items are highlighted by the vivid-pink in the boxer brief when the lights are on. But only the finished hotdog and bun can be seen when it glows in the dark.

Other Torio Glow in the Dark Boxer Briefs are the Bandages Boxer Brief, with hidden glow in the dark scratches; The Dots Boxer Brief, with hidden glow in the dark stars; The Bone Boxer Brief, which when in the dark spells out “YES”; The Banana Boy Green Boxer Brief, with the word “TORIO” that glows in the dark; The Snack Boxer Brief, which displays the word “Hungry” that glows in the dark, as well as many other creative and hilarious designs. Our favorite is the Dinner Boxer Brief with hidden glow in the dark forks and knives.

What are your thoughts on Torio Glow in the Dark underwear? Do you like to add a few humorous pieces of underwear to your collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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