Be One With Earth In The Frank Dandy Naturally Inspired Prints

Frank Dandy Naturally Inspired

Is feeling like you’re one with nature your thing? Well the Frank Dandy Naturally Inspired Prints feature pieces of nature that you can carry around with you in your pants! What could be more rad than that? Each underwear style is made out of a 4-Way stretch material that will move in whichever way you need it to and still feel comfy against your skin.

The Oranges print shows off one of nature’s most delicious fruits with orange leaves all around it. This print is available in two colors: orange/green and white/black. Each style features a Frank Dandy logo waistband in black or orange respectively. The Boxers ($29) cut off mid thigh and hug your form for extra support. If you’re willing to show off a little more leg, the Trunks ($29) could be a fun choice. This style is a square cut that cuts off on your upper thigh so you still have the comfy feel of a boxer brief — without the extra fabric on your legs. The Briefs ($29) are a classic cut and still feel super soft. This print is also available in a pyjama pant if you feel like lounging with nature as well.

The Gator Print doesn’t feature a gator itself but rather the technique you should use to run away from one if it’s chasing after you: run in a zig-zag. It is believed that crocodiles and alligators can’t make turns quickly so running in a zig-zag should give you an edge… Whether or not this is true can be discovered with a few clicks on google. The zig-zag pattern is layered with Frank Dandy throughout the garment. This print is available in red and white; each style features pops of other colors but the loudest colors are white and red. This print is available in a boxer for all of you zig zag-ing lovers out there.

Do trees seem more appealing to you? The Birch Print might tickle your fancy. This print just features the bark of a birch tree in either natural white or magenta. This print is available in a boxer or, if you’re feeling like a classic look, a brief. Frank Dandy believes that bark is like the underwear for trees so why not celebrate by having it printed on your undies?

Which print do you like most out of the Frank Dandy Naturally Inspired Prints? What makes Frank Dandy one of your favorite brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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