Ask The Expert: Stop! You Can’t Chafe This

Stop! You Can't Chafe This

Chaffing occurs when skin rubs together over and over again until irritation occurs. This can be really painful for anyone, and in this Ask The Expert we will tell you how to say, “Stop! You Can’t Chafe This” to that painful irritation in between your legs!

Anthony from Savannah, Georgia – What’s going on, The Underwear Expert? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! I’m a guy who likes to work out, run, and do fun races like The Tough Mudder. I’m blessed with thick, muscular thighs that have been giving me issues recently. I find that I’ve been getting bad chaffing in between my legs and by my junk the harder I train. This has started to become an issue since it’s starting to hurt. I’ve tried using extra baby powder and changing my boxers right after I finish a workout but I’m still having issues. Would you be able to suggest some underwear that may help with my issue? Thanks, again!

The Underwear Expert – Hi, Anthony! Thank you so much for your question! Sorry you’re experiencing irritation, but we can help you handle that problem! First off, switch out your loose fitting boxers for boxer briefs; they offer more support and hold your jewels in place in order to prevent unnecessary skin rubbing and irritation. A lot of people encounter this issue, so underwear styles have been designed to better avoid this problem. Boxer briefs with longer legs will prevent your thighs from rubbing against each other and also making sure you were the correct size. Some styles have added extra fabric in between your legs to prevent chaffing and also provide contoured, supportive pouches for your manhood to lift and support your boys away from your body. We have a few options you might want to consider:

Obviously AnatoMAX Boxer Brief 9 inch Leg – This style features leg opens that cut off right above your knee. This is perfect for men who have large, muscular thighs that can rub together; the fabric will prevent irritation. The AnatoMAX pouch is an anatomical pouch that is naturally shaped with maximum size, space and comfort. This pouch will keep you feeling supported and comfortable throughout your workout.

Sheath Boxers – Sheath has created a boxer brief that is designed to move with you through out any high-intensity activity you might perform. This style is designed with heat-reduction technology that will prevent chaffing and riding up. The Anatomical Isolation pouch is a pocket that your boys will rest in away from your body to keep them supported and will avoid unnecessary rubbing against your legs while you hustle around.

Shrine Boxers Boxer-Briefs – This style is made out a moisture wicking material that will prevent unnecessary irritation. The contoured comfort pouch will keep your boys in line and supported while you work up a sweat. The Crotch Gusset is an extra piece of fabric that was added in between the legs to aid mobility and it also keeps the legs in place. This will avoid bunching, which would in turn prevent chaffing in between your thighs.

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