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Swedish brand Frank Dandy is quickly gaining headway in the underwear world as the next big brand to watch. With an attitude that exudes a carefree, fun lifestyle, Frank Dandy aims to not take themselves too seriously, claiming, “It’s underwear we’re talking about . . . Not haute couture.” They are simply about providing a relaxed and comfortable product, with extra emphasis on relaxed.


The brand is also not shying away from taking a stance on important issues that matter, stating that the company aims to celebrate diversity and inclusion for a more colorful and friendly world with their rainbow collections. The brand also teamed up with The Non-Violence Movement to create an entire collection raising awareness for The Non-Violence Project, a non-profit that aims to solve conflict worldwide. Full of underwear, swim shorts, socks and pants, Frank Dandy’s looks call for “Peace Now,” with a portion of the proceeds going to the project.

While Frank Dandy is a brand that likes to take a stand, it also enjoys poking fun at modern society with their junk food inspired collections, stating “Why not make a collection of boxers celebrating junk food in times when people run more marathons than they ingest calories?” With their selfie-inspired collection featuring Narcissus, the Greek mythological character who fell in love with his own reflection, the company aims to remind us to take yourself (and your phone) a little less seriously.

This brand is for everyone, explaining that it wants to be seen on high fashion streets as well as main street so they can be accessible to all. The brand values creativity and welcome collaborations with artists, musicians and other free-thinkers who love to express themselves through their brand. One of their latest collaborations with artist, graphic designer and writer Supermundane featured graphic prints the artist provided for a range of underwear, swimwear, t-shirts and accessories.

Frank Dandy also features premium loungewear in the form of pajamas, T-shirts, leggings and swimwear, as well as a number of accessories such as, hats, scarves, socks and tote bags, all in a print as funky as the next.

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