Pre-Order The Sheath 3.0 Zen Pouch

Sheath 3.0 Zen Pouch

Sheath is known for delivering a high-quality performance underwear style that will work with you no matter what high-intensity activity you’re doing. The Sheath 3.0 Zen Pouch is their newest product that is now available for pre-order.

The Sheath 3.0 Zen Pouch has new features that will have you wanting to stock up. This style features a new geometric pattern 35mm waistband that combines the Sheath logo with their affiliate’s logo Timewheel blog. Timewheel is a blog created by the Co-Owner Matt Humble, who is a photographer and blogger. By merging the two logos, Sheath has created a unique waistband. The 3.0 waistband sits an inch lower on your waist than the 2.0 and also has two inches added to the legs. The fabric used for the 3.0 is made up of 95% modal fabric and 5 % elastane. Sheath has also made improvement to the pouch, so you’ll be more comfortable throughout every wear. The smoothed concave horizontal rim is seamless to avoid discomfort and irritation.

Pre-order your Sheath 3.0 Zen Pouch today! The orders should be shipped out to you prior to December 5, 2015! The 3.0 Zen Pouch is on a ship in a docking station from Zhongshan, which is well known for being in the center of the first opium war. The Opium War made Zhongshan a main trade station in the region for world imperialists such as the British. Sheath is setting up a distribution station in the England, so taking orders from Europe won’t result in huge shipping costs for customers.

Are you excited for the new Sheath 3.0 Zen Pouch style? Do you need some new great styles of performance underwear? What did you already love about the brand? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Nick says:

    I’ve been a fan and wearer of Sheath for years now and am very pleased with the new design. The v2.0 Sheath have always done me right but with improved athleticism and a timeless style, the v3.0 really do mark an achievement in fitness-friendly apparel. For me, these underwear represent the next level in ergonomic clothing/fashion and I’ll always be more than glad to support a company that promotes healthy, active living.

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