Mix and Match Styles With Tani

Mix and Match Styles With Tani

Mixing up your style keeps everything fresh. Tani is known for high-quality, luxurious style in various colors and patterns. Mix and match styles with Tani to have a little bit of fun!

Mix it up active style! If you like staying fit and healthy, the Active Mode Workout top will be great for you! The anti-odor and moisture wicking properties make this a great workout top. It’s also lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re being weighed down as you workout! Match it up with the Pursuit Boxer Brief for a soft fit that will wick away unwanted moisture and feel so comfortable against your skin.

Mix and Match Styles With Tani


Go to work in style! Who want’s to drag themselves all the way to work only to be uncomfortable due to low-quality underclothes? No one! The Swisstouch V-Neck Undershirt is so soft that you will be living every day like it’s Friday! The Swiss CottonTM fabric is exclusively milled in Switzerland for Tani and retains shape and softness with each wash. Pair this up with the Shadow SP Boxer Brief and you will feel so comfortable you might even forget you’re at work! This Italian lightweight, super soft style features a double mesh pouch to ensure breathability and is moisture wicking.

Mix and Match Styles With Tani 2


Go out with confidence! Whether you’re tearing it up at a club or just hanging out with your buddies at a pub, feel good about yourself as you’re out. The Shadow SP Tank is so light-weight and soft you will feel like a king. The double mesh panels on each side are breathable and will keep you cool even if the situation starts to get hot! The natural moisture wicking properties of the fabric will prevent sweating and the close fit will make this top fit easily under any shirt. Match this with the AirFit Contrast Brief, which will provide support where you need it most. The anti-moisture and anti-odor features will also keep you smelling good and feeling comfortable throughout your night.

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Enjoy luxurious lounging! Feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud while you’re lounging in Tani! The SilkCut Crew Neck Undershirt is lightweight and so soft you will feel more comfortable than you’ve felt in a while! The Micro Modal® Air fabric is actually softer than silk, so you know this style is no joke! Match that up with the SilkCut Lounge Pant for a great comfy day! This style is also made out of the same material, so you will never experience this level of comfort anywhere else!

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Would you mix and match styles with Tani? Which Tani underwear styles do you think look the best on you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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